Mobile Homes Are Popular Choices For Home Buyers

When considering the acquisition of a mobile home, there are several options available to consider, depending on the use you want to put it to, the size of your family and the location.


A travel trailer, or a house trailer, is a wonderful investment to have. Having a travel trailer means that you can take your home with you when you decide to go on a road trip or on holiday. They are affordable and easy to use and you always have everything you need with you.


Mobile homes are built on a permanent chassis with highway graded wheels and transported by a tractor trailer to the home site where they are normally left permanently, however, they do have the ability to be moved with strong trailer frames, wheels, axles and tow-hitches.


These were originally popular for their mobility, but recently they have been acquired as a more permanent, inexpensive form of housing, as an alternative to traditionally built homes. They are normally parked in trailer parks where a community set up provides ablutions and power facilities for inhabitants. A plot of land can be rented for the trailer to stand on.


There is a technical difference between mobile homes and manufactured homes. Manufactured or modular homes are constructed in a factory and designed to be transported in one or more sections, depending on its size. The frame is constructed first and then the interior walls are assembled and attached. Exterior walls are then attached and the assembled roof is set in place, ready for delivery to the site. These homes are placed on a concrete foundation on owned land or leased land.


Manufactured homes come in two sizes called single-wides and double-wides. Single-wides can be towed as a single unit, whereas two-wides are transported in two separate units and assembled on site. Site built manufactured homes are rarely moved, however, single-wides can be sold or traded in on the purchase of an upgraded model. These can be re-sold as second-hand units to new buyers.


Manufactured mobile homes carry a risk factor from wind damage and a tornado could cause significant damage to models that are not properly secured, or older models with attachments which are exposed to wind capture.


Before making a final decision regarding the purchase of a mobile home, the legal implications and tax considerations should be researched and investigated.


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